溫安妮 (美國華盛頓大學哲學博士) 活躍於國際新媒體藝術界。溫氏多年來曾取得來自美國、香港、瑞典及挪威多國不同機構的項目費用撥款。至今,温氏的作品已曾於歐洲、亞洲及北美洲等地多個展覽展出,包括 Art+Communication 2004(拉脫維亞里加)、 Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Conference 2004(新加坡)、 ZeroOne/ ISEA2006(美國聖何塞)、第十屆威尼斯建築雙年展(意大利威尼斯)、大垣雙年展2010(日本大垣市)、香港當代藝術獎2012(中國香港)及 International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture (西班牙加那利島群島)等。 2009年,温氏先後在中國上海贏得亞洲數碼藝術大賽入圍獎,同年亦為「日本福岡數碼藝術大賞」入圍賞得主。2008年至09年,她曾任香港浸會大學視覺藝術院訪問研究學者。2010年,溫氏更獲得日本世界級著名藝術學府,情報科學藝術大學院大學 (IAMAS) 聘為駐校藝術家及教授。她現為香港浸會大學傳理學院電影學院助理教授。

Annie Wan is an international media artist, often creates artworks focus on relationships between spaces and sites, materials and immaterial. At the City University of Hong Kong she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Media and a Master of Science in Applied Information Technology (Art and Technology) from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. In 2012 she earned a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Washington in Digital Arts and Experimental Media, United States. She mostly works with locative media, embedded electronics and network-based systems.

Her works have been exhibited in festivals in Europe, Asia and North America, including Art+Communication Festival 2004 (Riga, Latvia), Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Conference 2004 (Singapore), ZeroOne/ ISEA 2006 (San Jose, United States), French Pavilion in 10th Venice Architecture Biennale (Venice, Italy), Ogaki Biennale 2010 (Ogaki, Japan), Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012 (Hong Kong, China) and International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture (Canary Islands, Spain) etc. After she became a Ph.D Candidate in 2008, she worked as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University and an Artist-in-Residence/ Professor at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Science (IAMAS), Japan.

Wan is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication (Academy of Film), Hong Kong Baptist University. She received travel and project grants from various organizations in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, and Norway. She is also the recipient of winning award (Performance Category) in Asiagraph 2008, Shanghai, China and the Finalist prize in Asia Digital Art Awards 2009, Fukuoka, Japan.

Email: annie at