Haunted is a “site-specific”, telematic audiovisual installation within the French Pavilion, ResidentMeta (formerly named as MetaVilla), 10th Venice Architecture Biennale ( The project is commissioned by EXYZT, a French architecture group and its main theme refers to the video game, Resident Evil (

The installation Haunted, has been formed around the different interpretations of the word itself. The idea of virtual presence is an obsession for “being nowhere”, a question of believing in the “spacelessness”, “virtual friends” and even ourselves. In many cultures, people believe in ghosts and spirits, it collides the idea of believing and questions of existence. The poetics built upon the irony. The “spacelessness” virtual presence creates the architecture of the installation, i.e the multiple heads video projections and the acoustics of multichannels audio, it challenges where is the site of project, in other words, where is the architecture. Is the project virtual or physical, does the project itself exist, if yes, where is it? Wvirtual friends) or the computer itself.

The installation will be situated at the French Pavilion physically and a MSN (an instant messaging service developed by Microsoft between 1999-2006, widely known as .NET messagers) account represents its virtual presence. Once the messager account, named as haunted_residentmeta, is online, it will automatically update to its friend list and if someone sends it a message, it will automatically send the sender back a message composed of similar words via algorithmic process.

The message string will be routed, sonified and processed within realtime processing and text-to-speech algorithm. The sound will be presented as a 8-channels sound installation in corporate with the acoustics inside the pavilion. Apart from above processes, its MSN friend list account name and its received message will be visualized via an immersive multiple-heads supported video projection. The physical installation will be lively recorded and transferred to the world wide web via webcam.