Tre Marie


Tre Marie is an interactive audio-visual dance improvised performance. The system in progress is an innovation of RF-ID (radio-frequency identification) technology for dance performance, which improvise live visuals on stage. The performance is a reconstructed architecture of spaces, encodes the spatial aesthetics of the interaction between human, theatrical space and cinematic space.

A RF-ID reader device and tags are attached to dancers on stage and when RF-ID reader detects the tags by the actions the dancers take on stage. The RF-ID tags are being placed around the stage as well as dancers’ bodies. The movement of the dancers, as well as the locomotion on stage are being carefully mapped into the parameters of the live generated virtual sculpture. The identification data contained inside the RF-ID tags will be forwarded to the system that control the parameters of live visuals by means of bluetooth wireless technology, which contains a lively helix sculpture, generated by OpenGL.

In collaboration with Hiroki Nishino from DXARTS & Pamela Pietro, Department of Dance, University of Washington.

Tre Marie premiered at DXARTS concert and has been performed in ACM Conference 2006, UCSB, Santa Barbara.