Virtually (Y)ours | Expanded Dialogues with an Archive

In collaboration with Amy Cheung Wan-man and Ng Tsz-kwan

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This project consolidates and re-interprets stories from our curators’ “memory vaults” using WebGL technology and our own artistic imaginations. This is a conversational piece between three artists (Amy Cheung Wan-man, Ng Tsz-kwan, and myself), and our desire is to enable viewers to embrace an intimate digital encounter between artworks from the museum archive and their re-imagination within the WebGL platform. Viewers are engaged in their own exploration of the Hong Kong Museum of Art’s collection in a way that would not be possible in the traditional museum setting. It is as if we have been given the power to trespass artistic boundaries between the past and the future in order to re-zone the museum’s collection and memories in a boundless virtual universe. The scenes were inspired by past collectors’ philosophical beliefs, our everlasting self-love manifested by historical self-portraiture and the more up-to-date “selfie” culture, our temptation to speak out in social media versus our reluctance to be recorded by the surveillance apparatus controlled by “Big Brother,” historical events juxtaposing “hackers’” technology, aesthetics borrowed from online games, the coding culture, time travel, constellation patterns, and the rendezvous of different artworks from different periods and cultures moving along each other’s surface.

In addition to the online artwork, we also created a webAR installation for the Museum at the Salisbury Garden.
This project is commissioned Hong Kong Museum of Art.

WebAR Installation

Project Trailer

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