The Hermit Project (work-under-progress)


The idea is inspired by Christina Kubisch’s Electrical Walks. People usually wear heaphones, listening to their choices of music in the city but they are isolating themselves and lost connection with the city life. In this project, ‘noise’ from the city will be converted to musical notes by using multiple bandpass filter audio electronic circuits and it will create a semi-private space (versus the ‘private’ space created when people wear heaphones and listening to music) for the audience, they will be still connected to city life but the experience will be entirely different.

This project is supported by Signal Culture and Hong Kong Government’s Home Affaires Bureau.

Soundscape Recordings in Laporte (PA), Richfield (PA), Owego (NY), Canadarago Lake (NY), Lake Pleasant (NY), Little Falls (NY), Buttermilk Falls (NY), Taughannock Falls (NY), Newark (NJ), East River (NY), MOMA (NYC) and Niagara Falls (NY)