Pocket Cinema Hong Kong (PCHK)


In recent years, there are disputes among different groups of people in the society on preserving tangible heritage, our own colonial history and the Press often writes about tangible heritage such as historical buildings but pay less attention to the value of our own culture and intangible heritage. In this project, the idea of considering local films as our intangible cultural heritage is introduced as well as innovating the popular Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

In this interdisciplinary project, a marriage between the latest ubiquitous technology and the intangible cultural heritage, we introduce the idea of technological aided cultural tourism to our students and the general public through collaboration with the external partners, Art in Hospital and Hulu Culture.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology refers to computational image processing technique that combines computer sensory input such as motion detection, GPS, accelerometer, etc and combines 3D or 2D graphics with realtime captured video through video cameras.
Multiple workshops for docents training and cultural tours are co-organised by student helpers and the external partners, the workshops include a brief introduction of local films, the history of our local cultures and the AR technology used in the mobile app.
General public and audience are invited to join cultural tours specifically for understanding the film and download a mobile phone app before starting the tours. During the tours, audience enjoy the physical walk such as in Shamshuipo or in Tai Kok Tsui, they also experience a particular scene of a local film by using their mobile phones.

This project is funded by Knowledge Transfer Office, Hong Kong Baptist University and in collaboration with Art in Hospital and Hulu Culture.

Special thanks to Golden Scene, Lunchtime Production Ltd. and Edko Films.

Conference Papers presented at
Archaeologies of Media and Film Conference, Bradford, United Kingdom (Sept, 2014)
Thirteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Vancouver, Canada) (Jun, 2015)
International Symposium of Electronic Art 2015 (ISEA), Vancouver, Canada) (Aug, 2015)

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