Cosmic Gun


New technologies enable individuals and amateurs to have a great impact culturally, socially and/ or economically; they advocate the idea of empowering individuals to decide their own futures. This project is a critical response to how art is influenced by the open source, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) communities as well as social media culture in an information society.

Joseph Beuys coined his famous idea ‘everyone is an artist’ through his social sculptures while in Cosmic Gun, the idea of ‘everyone is a scientist’ is rooted through the device artwork itself. This device art is an amateur, low-cost astronomy project that enables the general public to be connected momentarily with cosmic rays coming from outside the Solar System.

The implication is that everyone owns access to the cosmic rays, and more importantly, to any pieces of knowledge on eh earth, regardless of their genders, ethnicities, ages and/ or social classes. DIY and open source communities, such as Arduino, Processing, Open Frameworks, DIY Electroencephalography (EEG)/ Electrocardiography (ECG/ EKG), 3D printing/ fabrication technologies, open source bioengineering, geoengineering projects, etc., closely linked to our recent media arts development and the ecology of arts/ science collaboration. They also lead us, as artists, to move from screen-based, digital to hybrid, post-digital art practices. The open access characteristic of DIY and open source technologies, especially in this project plays a critical role in shaping our future, not only affecting the artists.

This project eventually spreads the seed of DIY culture, even in the domain of what we normally considered as ‘complex science’ and pays tribute to the power of individual creation. The metaphor of contacting cosmic rays is far more than literally interpreted, the poetics of this project built upon the notion that ‘The Solar System belongs to everyone on this planet, any authorities aim for taking this fundamental rights away is brutally attacking our beliefs on human rights as a global citizen.’.

This project is supported by New Vision Arts Festival 2014, Hong Kong’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department .

DIY Future New Media Exhibition, New Vision Arts Festival 2014, Hong Kong SAR China (Oct, 2014)

DIY Cosmic Gun Workshops and Presentations (

Eyebeam Art + Tech (New York City, US) (May, 2015)

Eastern Bloc (Montreal Canada) (Apr, 2015)

Hackerspace (Singapore) (Dec 2014)