Where’s the Chicken?


Where’s the Chicken? is a locative robotics public artwork, which supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. It embodies public interaction, collaborative narrative, automata system and mobile technology. The artwork constructs a narrative performance which cooperates among the robot, cultural specific locations and the public participation. The chicken robot is a life form mechanical automata, which reframes its own definition and its general perception. In “Where’s the Chicken?”, a “better” kind of chicken, a chicken robot which does not spread any diseases, a role model of “well-behaved chicken”, has been shown publicly. It re/ frames the question of how we extend the medium and ourselves, history and culture, meanwhile, share the same time-space with us and highly cultural/ location specific.

Conceptual Overview

The artwork itself is not simply a simulation of the reality, it should be originates from our everyday perception of reality and through an aesthetic system, the perception will be twisted, altered and transformed. Audience contribute actively to the construction of the artwork through their interactivity and creativity with the new scenarios, structures and interfaces.

The narrative hybridizes, enriches and continues with their chosen locations, their “performances” and their stories. They may take pictures with the robot, upload the pictures when they return it to the artist, or tell the artist what they have done with the chicken, hence construct a collaborative “chicken map of the city”.

Award and Exhibition

Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong SAR China (July 2009)
Finalist Award, Asia Digital Art Awards 2009, Fukuoka, Japan (Feb 2010)
Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award 2012, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong SAR China (July 2013 – Jan 2014)

Chicken Map

The autonomous chicken robot appears at different cultural specific locations around the city, public participate in the project by sending short message service (SMSs) and bring it for outing, hence interact and perform with it. The poetics built upon the public interactions or participations or performances in different cultural specific locations, hence creates the topology of narrative and the chicken map of the city.

The locations of the chicken robot, updated by the artist from time to time and a graphical representation, “chicken map of the city” has been constructed. The public participate in this project by sending short message service (SMS) to a designated mobile phone number, either in form of locations’ names or other messages. Their messages has been algorithmic processed by server-side custom-made software. Their messages compose the chicken map of the city, together with the artist.

Chicken Robots

4 extra-large, custom-made, surreal robot chickens has been constructed for this project. The artist creates locative performances with it in different cultural specific locations around the city during the exhibition period.

Locative Performances

The artist created 18 performances in 18 districts in Hong Kong together with the chicken robot. There are total 18 districts in Hong Kong and the artist chose a cultural specific location in each district in association with the icon “chicken”. In each of the cultural specific location, apart from showing the chicken robot to the public, the artist tracked herself by a location tracking software installed in her mobile phone and created performances.

Feature Article at Park Magazine Vol.2, an art magazine based in Porto, Portugal


Full printed catalogs with DVD are available on request

Where’s the Chicken? V2

Support & Crew

This Project is supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council and funding made possible through collaboration with the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

Special thanks to Center For Digital Arts & Experimental Media (DXARTS), University of Washington, Seattle, US

Documentation by

Yan Chung, Lily Kwok, Lee Ly Ting, Abby Wong


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